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Carbon NanoPure


Our Products

We specialize in the synthesis and purification of fullerene materials including higher fullerenes and endohedreal fullerenes. We have a stock of each of these fullerne materials for sale and we are also willing to work directly with customers who are looking for more specific solutions. Our guarantee is that every product is exactly as specified, will arrive in a timely fashion and that we will support you in your research from the moment you contact us to the moment you are fully satisfied.


About Us

Carbon NanoPure has a core philosophy that guides all of our work: we aim to enable next generation technologies through working directly with researchers. We are open to inquiries about very specialized projects and products and using our proprietary technology and experitise, we will work together with you to achieve your goals.

We are researchers ourselves, so we understand the struggles that go along with being a researcher. As a result we aim to form deeper connections with our clients in order to foster a cooperative environment where research can flourish. When you purchase a Carbon NanoPure product, you are not only getting excellent quality at an affordable price, you are also getting an unbeatable customer experience.



Since their discovery, these Nobel Prize winning nanomaterials have been used in numerous technologies ranging from electronics to cosmetics. They have found extensive use in plastic, flexible solar cells where they are currently on the cutting edge of commercial technology. Cosmetics have begun to rely on their anti-oxidant properties as a substitute for old anti-aging formulas. Fullerenes have also shown great promise in ushering in the new generation of quantum computers, which has spurred on interest in this wondrous class of compounds.