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About Carbon NanoPure

The  potential of fullernes and their derivatives has been exemplified over the last several years. They have been used in many technologies ranging from organic semiconductors, biosensors, solar cells and even in quantum computing solutions. As a result the demand for fullerene materials has also sharply increased, however many of these materials remain prohibitively expensive to purchase for researchers.

Our goal is to take these wonderous molecules and make them affordable and widely available to all researchers. To this end we offer a wide variety of fullerene products for sale at affordable prices and high purities. We aim to be the place to buy fullerenes.

We are researchers, and this means we understand the struggles of doing research with these materials. We want to work together with you to help you achieve your research goals and this is why we committed to our customer service efforts. If you have materials that you need purified, we will be more than happy to listen to your request and provide our services if possible.

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